live. life. happy.

Okay, focus.


Matthew Robert Smith.

In 2010, you said ‘Geronimo’ and fell into the Whovian’s lives. Some were so happy to have a new Doctor in, and to see you get started, whereas some were not. Then you made your debut in ‘The Eleventh Hour’ and you kick-started an epic journey of season five. Within this season, you made us laugh, you made us cry, you made us feel your emotion. You delivered amazing speeches that gave us goosebumps and made us excited. You were truly brilliant. Season six rolled around and you topped how magnificent you were. More epic speeches, more deep emotion that swept the Whoniverse off their feet. You made the story epic and made it feel like the Doctor could be nobody else but you. The season ended and we were so excited for season seven. It came around along with the inevitable that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill would have to leave. You made us share your heart-breaking moments as we cried with you over the loss of two of the most brilliant companions. Jenna came along and you made it feel like she was already part of the crew. Your connection with her on and off screen made it feel like she belonged, creating even better episodes. Season seven was filled with laughs and tears. You carried us on your back throughout all that time. Then, the horrible announcement of your leaving came to us. We were devastated. The Whoniverse were upset because our beloved Eleventh Doctor was going. We knew the day would come. But we were not remotely ready for it. The 50th Anniversary still had to be done though. It would not have been the same without Eleven, so thank god you were still here for that. During the 50th, we laughed, we cried and we smiled at your brilliant work and fine acting. So, finally, Christmas. The day had come in which we had to say goodbye to you. Many people did not want to. More than you could ever imagine. The episode started and we sat through and we waited for that inevitable moment in which you regenerated. It broke our hearts, But you are still seared onto them. Over all this time, over all these years, you have given us so much. The Fez, the bow tie, the stetson, the cool sonic and the drunk giraffe. You gave us a Doctor that was quirky, confident, adorable and sweet in the biggest possible way and yet you still managed to make him dark and scary. You gave us funny moments off-camera in the Doctor Who Confidential. This proved to us how the amazing person we see off of TV is also a naturally great person. You have done all of this for us. Many people tried to hate you because they did not think you could take over from David. They werewrong.

So, you will never read this, but, on behalf on the millions of viewers and Whovians around the globe, I want to say thank you, Matt. For not only proving that you could pull off being The Doctor, but for making us laugh, blowing our minds and stealing our hearts.

Raggedy man, goodnight.


And here is my heart shattering in a video of 5 minutes